This is me.

This is splorp.


When Blogger announced that they were deprecating FTP publishing, I began the process of migrating ten years worth of posts and comments into WordPress.

That was several years ago.

Since then, things have been happening around here … it’s just not that apparent on the surface. For example, I’ve continued to perpetuate my persnicketiness by recording each and every one of my haircuts. There’s also been some noodling on a cruftless WordPress theme called Tersus, which you can see in action on the transitional version of this site. Eventually, all of the legacy content swimming around this pool will be moved over to its new home. At least that’s the plan.

In the meantime, you can find me on Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Dribbble,,, Mastodon, and Pinboard.

Thanks for stopping by.

— Grant


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