The Web Reality Tour Version 1.0
The Web Reality Tour was a talk I presented at the Alberta College of Art & Design in the fall of 1998. During the evening, I covered what the web can do, what it can't do, and the reality of designing for it, or around the problems that inevitably crop up. I realize that portions of this presentation could stand an update, and I suppose that will be forthcoming.

You can download and view the slides from this presentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. My official, unabridged notes from the talk should be available online eventually as well. In fact, they are probably more valuable than the slides. In the mean time, thanks for your patience.

The Web Reality Tour Version 1.0 Presentation
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The Web Reality Tour Version 1.0 Poster
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The Web Reality Tour Version 1.0 Speaker Notes
Coming soon.


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